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Hi, my name is Bozena - Somewhat of a mother and friend somewhat of a life lover who happens to paint...a little ;-))) Please - take my invitation into my own world of colours,lights and shadows:)I hope you will find some inspirations and my simple art will bright up your mood today;-)) If you would decide to ask me to paint something nice for you...maybe portrait - do not hesitate call me please - 00353 851231348

Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Workshop

Today is 28th of September,lovely sunny, Autumn day..
A very good day to start,I just started my adventure with painting !!!
This is my very first workshop in Ireland.
Yes, it's in a one of my bathrooms, but at least it's not used.
 We moved into our new house,
 which seemed big, but now seems too small for all of our stuff.
 Anyway! I couldn't find the right place, and then I found it, in the bathroom : D
Everywhere else was either too cold, too crowded, and noisy for me and my wee paintings.

Look at the beautiful Daffodiles.....I bought this canvas in Crakow last year
It was painted by local artist Marlena Łozińska....her talent was a big inspiration for me....
I bought three of her paintings;-)))))
My very first ever painting was dedicated for her.....and her Daffodills;-))))))))))


Birches- done for my Mammy as a gift ;-)

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